How To Contact Dlink Customer Service?

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Are You Looking For Dlink Phone Support Or Chat Support? If Yes then keep Reading the Post till Last And Know How to Contact dlink customer service.

Dlink is a Taiwanese multinational networking equipment manufacturer. Dlink Builds all kinds of networking devices Such as Routers,  Access Points, switches, Range extenders, security devices, storage devices, etc.

Contact Dlink Customer Service

For Home And Business Users, You Are Facing Trouble Getting Dlink Products to work accordingly, And if you have run out of troubleshooting Its time we get you to connect with dlink support.

D-link is a known brand & like every brand, it has its own Customer Support For helping its Customer regarding billing, sales, and tech support. Most dlink Routers issues Can be fixed Just by Accessing to Dlink router.

In this post, We will reveal all the simple ways to contact Dlink Customer service. Typically d-link provides Full Support for 30 Days From the date of purchase but if you register the product with them right after you Buy the Dlink Than it Can be extended up to 90 Days ( 3 Months) with Free Support & Warranty.

Dlink Router setup and Dlink Router reset Can be done without the support

Disclaimer – We have done online and offline research and we have tried to provide you Best of our information however regardless of what we say please do your own research before proceeding with any decision making. We do not take any responsibility for any of your actions based on the given information.

This research was based on Wireless Router but we are assuming Dlink support provides help for various products on the same line. There are Mostly 3 ways one can obtain D-link Tech Support –

Dlink Phone Support

It’s not easy these days to become an international brand without Phone Support. Since Dlink has Over 10 Million Customers Worldwide It’s just very hard to maintain Customer Support.

Now if you have any Issues Regarding your Dlink devices then you should contact Dlink Support. For different Countries and Regions, Dlink does have different numbers So we are going to List Countries With major clients –

The United States Dlink Support – (800) 326-1688 if this did not work then try Toll-free at 877-453-5465

United Kingdom Support – 0843-508-6179, 

Dlink Canada Support –  1-800-361-5265

Dlink India Support –  1860 233 3999 

For any Other Country Please Go to the Official Dlink Website Here 

Please Change Your country from the Right-hand Top where you can see flags, Choose Your country and In next step

Dlink Support

Please select your model number and You will have contact Information According to Your Country’s location.

select your router

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Dlink Chat Support

Folks trust us this one is a bit tricky. we don’t think that Chat Support is available for Every country but in certain cases, we do see a live dlink chat support. Let us get you there step by step –

For Most countries we don’t see a chat option on the D-link website, However, we do find a way for You to contact Dlink chat support through the Dlink Europe Website- For Any Issues Related to D-link Router Or Other networking Products Please Visit 

Drag down the page till Last and you may see the option for the Live Chat. One can continue From Here by Getting support from d-link.

dlink chat support

Note– This Chat will be Only live According to united kingdom time. Service is available from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday

if you have speed issues with the Dlink router then try setting up dlink range extender to enhance the speed and connectivity of the existing wireless router.

Dlink Email Support

Getting Email Support from Dlink is Quite Easy- Just follow the instructions given below:-

Note – Please Change Your country from the right-hand side top of your screen if you are not from the United States.

  • Select Your Product and then click On it, In the next step Click on the Contact support 
select product in dlink router
  • Here you can choose dlink Email Support Or Dlink Call support.
my dlink email support

We hope This information Helps in all the way possible. we have to spend a significant amount of Time to Precure All this information for You and We would like to help you more.

Do let us know if you would like to know anything more about Dlink Support. we are more than happy to hear it In order to improve our knowledge base.

Any Comments Or Suggestions Please comment below and let us know, thanks a lot for reading.

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