How to Find Default Ip(Gateway) For Any Home Wireless Router

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In this post, we will Explain How one Can Easily Find out the default IP Address for any Wireless router. Trust us it’s not rocket science. Folks, the default IP Address is also known as Default Gateway.

Anyone Can Troubleshoot their Wireless router with the Help of this information. anyways we have a huge amount of guides all over this website to help you Fix your wireless router.

Knowing Default IP is essential Because it’s a key element That helps you Setup, configure & change settings for your home wireless router.

Default Ip For Most Home Routers

Here are some Most popular Home Router Brands & their Most Used default Ip address –

Note – Without Wired Or Wireless connection from the Main router, the default IP Won’t work regardless of any Brand of the home wireless router.

Belkin Router Default Ip –  almost 90% Time default Belkin Ip is While accessing your Belkin router make sure you are connected to the Router.

Netgear Router Default Ip – For Netgear wireless router there are many ways to access the wireless console However Default IP For Netgear Varies. Try or as the default Gateway. One Can Also Use as the default Ip address to access Netgear wireless router.

Dlink Router Default Ip – For Dlink Routers One can use as the default gateway for any accessing the link wireless router. use internet explorer Or Any Fresh browser to log in Dlink router.

Asus Router default IP –in Order to Login Asus router Dashboard Please Try Or this should help you.

Linksys Router default IP-  Use for Linksys default Gateway to login Linksys Router

Apple Airport Default IP – Try using the default IP if this Gateway Won’t work then Try Using or

these are some of the Most Used Brands. What if you have a different brand of the wireless router? What if none of this Works for Described Vendor.

Check out Information Given Below to Find out a Full proof Way to Find Out-Default Gateway for any wireless Router.

Using Windows Computer

  • Connect Your Computer to Router  Using Ethernet Cable if You are already Not connected to Router Wirelessly
connect router to computer
cmd on left hand
  • Type ipconfig and Press Enter
ip config
  • Drag the Cmd Screen a bit & You Should be able to see default Ip address for Your Any Wireless Router that You are connected to.
router default ip

Using  Mac Computer –

  • Click on the Apple icon at the left-hand Top Corner.
click apple
    • Select System Preference & Than Select Network 
system preferences
  • Please Choose the Mode How your computer is connected to router If Wired than choose Ethernet But if you are connected Wireless Than Select Wi-fi
select mode of connection
  • Now Click On Advance & You should be able to see Default Ip for your Router.
select advance mode

See if all this Information Helps You Find the default Gateway For your Wireless router.

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