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Steven Bartlett made headlines at 26 for amassing an estimated net worth of over $85 Million; expected to surpass $100 Million by 2024. Known for his appearances on Dragons’ Den and influential podcast The Diary of a CEO, Bartlett has created the success journey many entrepreneurs can only dream about despite forgoing formal education altogether.

What Fueled Bartlett’s Early Business Ventures?

Steven Bartlett was raised from modest roots. Born to an African mother and British father in Botswana and arriving to Plymouth aged two years later, Bartlett endured financial struggles which only fuelled his ambition further. Following just one lecture at Manchester Metropolitan University he quit abruptly in pursuit of entrepreneurialism and venture capitalism.

How Did Bartlett Start His Business Empire?

Steven began with Wallpark, an interactive social media program intended to bring students with similar interests together through social media. However, his career changed drastically after meeting Dominic McGregor – an individual with an impressive Twitter following who helped found Social Chain as an agency providing marketing solutions that quickly secured high-profile clients like McDonald’s and Apple as clients.

What Is Social Chain and Has It Proved Successful?

Bartlett and McGregor launched Social Chain together in 2014, quickly growing it into an influential force in social media marketing. By 2019, Social Chain had combined with Lumaland – an online retailer in Germany – forming Social Chain AG which listed on Dusseldorf Stock Exchange; prior to Bartlett leaving in 2018, however, Social Chain achieved a valuation of around $600 Million; although before his exit had even taken place.

What Role Do Bartlett Play on Dragons’ Den?

Steven made his Dragons’ Den debut as one of its youngest dragons in 2021 and quickly made himself one of viewers’ favorites with his charismatic presence and impressive strategic investments in companies like Cheesegeek and Piddle Patch – earning significant stakes from them both! Steven openly disclosed earning between PS10,000 and PS20,000 per hour when appearing on Dragons’ Den, emphasizing both value and appeal on the show.

What Is “The Diary of a CEO Podcast?

Since 2017 when Bartlett first launched The Diary of a CEO podcast, its popularity has skyrocketed; becoming one of Europe’s top downloaded business podcasts. Interviewing high-profile guests who provide insight into their success stories and strategies; by 2023 it had achieved second largest weekly listenership in UK.

How Has Bartlett’s Authorship Contributed to His Brand?

Bartlett has established himself as an industry expert through both his podcast and books that resonated with an expansive audience. “Happy Sexy Millionaire,” was an instantaneous Sunday Times bestseller; then came “The Diary of a CEO: The 33 Laws of Business and Life”, further cementing his position as an authority on both professional and personal growth.

What other business ventures has Bartlett explored?

Bartlett has broadened his investments since Social Chain was launched, founding Media Chain (a digital publishing house) and Thirdweb (a Web3 startup which attracted investors such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Mark Cuban) before creating Flight Story Fund – a $100 Million technological investment fund dedicated to supporting high-growth startups from various sectors.

How Does Bartlett Support Emerging Entrepreneurs?

Steven Bartlett stands as an inspiration to young entrepreneurs everywhere, showing that age or traditional paths do not prevent success. His journey from struggling family in Plymouth to multimillionaire business mogul is both inspirational and serves as a blueprint for others hoping to break through in this business world.

Conclusion Steven Bartlett’s journey is an exceptional tale of remarkable achievement and continual change. On his path towards becoming a centimillionaire, his influence across television programming, podcasting and various business ventures continues to spread – becoming one of the most followed young entrepreneurs today. Steven’s tale shows us the value of resilience, strategic thinking and taking bold risks as keys components for success.

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