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Andrew DePaola of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers experienced a heartwarming encounter that cemented his family: meeting his beloved dog Penny at a humane society. Encouraged by teammate Kevin Pamphile who recently adopted from Penny’s litter, Andrew decided to visit and their connection was instantaneous; remembering their encounter, Andrew shared “my buddy sent me the picture, so I went over and took a look, she was absolutely adorable, so naturally, being such a sucker I decided I wanted her.”

What Decided Andrew and Amy’s Decision to Adopt Penny?

Andrew was quick to point out that his wife Amy, was equally delighted by Penny after seeing her on FaceTime; even at a farewell work party Amy stepped outside into the rain just long enough to take his call, only to fall completely in love with Penny herself! That weekend they signed her adoption papers, welcoming Penny into their home–even discovering an accidental copper penny find during one of her accidents at home which cemented their choice!

How Has Penny Adjusted to Changes in the DePaola Family?

Penny has become more than just a pet for Andrew and Naya DePaola; she has become an integral member of their lives. When Andrew moved their NFL career from Tampa to Chicago, Penny adjusted seamlessly by making new friendships among team pets such as Bella (owned by Cody Whitehair’s family) as well as making intuitive bonds with new dogs like Naya who has also lived in different environments with Penny being around others shows her social nature!

What Role Does Penny Play in the DePaola Household?

At five years old, Penny has thrived alongside Andrew and Amy’s growing family – which now includes Grace and Drew as young children – as a cherished “big sister,” showing patience and affection towards Grace and Drew. Amy notes Penny’s gentle character when Grace or Drew play rough or drop food which she considers an added perk of guardianship for Penny.

How Does Andrew Manage His Allergies While Being a Devoted Dog Owner?

Even after discovering he had an extreme allergy to dogs, Andrew never wavered in his love and commitment for Penny. Instead of considering rehoming Penny despite discomfort associated with monthly injections to manage symptoms, Andrew instead told an allergy specialist: “She’s Staying!” as proof of his love.

What Challenges and Joys Does Penny Bring to Her Family?

Like any pet, Penny can sometimes get into mischief. Andrew fondly recalls an incident when Penny sneaked in and stole his sandwich when he wasn’t looking. Rather than being frustrated or outraged, Andrew accepted this minor inconvenience as part of owning Penny – “I can’t even be mad; I get it,” was his response when searching for dinner alternatives later that night.

Why Does Andrew Value Dogs As Companions?

Andrew strongly embraces the intrinsic value of dogs as companions, citing their unconditional affection and transparency of emotions as key reasons. Dogs “wear their emotions on their sleeve so there’s no guesswork with them”, according to Andrew, and this emotional bond strengthens not just human-animal bonds but family bonds as well.

Penny and the DePaolas’ story together is an exquisite illustration of love, adaptation and the joys of pet ownership. This narrative showcases how animals can have profound impacts on our lives by providing companionship and unconditional love – an example that stands the test of time.

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