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Brian Benson has long made waves within the post-production and visual effects industries with his distinguished contributions in post production visual effects work and therapy efforts with Magnus his golden retriever companion. Recently however, their family experienced an immense tragedy; Brian shared this news with followers, providing insights into their private struggles behind their public personas.

What Happened to Brian Benson’s Wife?

On April 18th 2024, Brian Benson shared with us the devastating news of Sari Elyse Schochet Benson’s untimely demise at 53. In her final moments she battled mental health challenges such as depression which ultimately lead to her passing away so unexpectedly. Brian expressed their profound sorrow over their loss by emphasizing how important mental health help should be sought and attaching the link for 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline’s services for others facing similar difficulties.

Brian Benson brings over three decades of post production industry experience, currently as an artist/VFX supervisor working for BensonFX as a freelance senior flame artist/VFX supervisor. Prior to that he worked at Smoke & Mirrors and Technicolor-PostWorks NY where his talents were most in demand. Brian graduated with his BFA from University of Buffalo’s communication design program while maintaining artistic pursuits alongside professional endeavors.

How Did Magnus Become a Therapy Dog?

Brian utilized his creative abilities and love of animals during the COVID-19 pandemic when pet therapy visits were suspended to come up with an innovative solution: producing content using his golden retriever Magnus as therapy dog training began; his original purpose had been helping his eldest daughter cope with arthritis; once Magnus proved to be soothing enough, Magnus quickly became part of their family as they trained him into being certified therapy animal; Magnus not only provided comfort to everyone around them, but was an ally when Brian himself was diagnosed with cataplexy and cardiomyopathy: conditions which cause temporary paralysis or heart issues respectively; Magnus became part of their family when Brian himself needed support following being diagnosed with cataplexy and cardiomyopathy – two conditions that cause temporary paralysis or heart issues respectively.

What Impact Has Magnus Had?

Magnus the Therapy Dog has had a lasting and positive effect on many lives, particularly those living with severe learning disabilities and mental health concerns. A frequent visitor to hospitals offering comfort to terminally ill children and adults alike. His gentle temperament has quickly earned him much-loved status among not only family but the wider community alike.

Looking Ahead: What Lies Ahead For Brian and Magnus?

As the Benson family mourns Magnus’ passing, his legacy endures. Brian plans on continuing both his professional duties and volunteer activities with therapy animals; Magnus stands as an ever-reminder of compassion’s transformative potential and how therapy animals provide both support and comfort in difficult moments of healing and support.

Brian Benson’s journey with Magnus illustrates the necessity of understanding and addressing mental health issues for individual as well as community wellbeing. Their story not only one of loss and sorrow but one also of hope and healing as the Benson family navigated this trying time with love and support from family members close. Their tale stands as an inspiring testament of resilience as their family navigated this challenging period together.

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