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Dule Hill and Jazmyn Simon recently made headlines when they announced they are expecting their first child together, sharing this joyous news with fans as both famous figures in entertainment shared their excitement over welcoming “The Littlest Hill.” Below we take a closer look at this joyful couple from engagement through marriage to this joyful announcement of welcoming “The Littlest Hill.”

Who Are Dule Hill and Jazmyn Simon?

Dule Hill is a beloved figure in Hollywood thanks to his outstanding performances on popular TV series such as “Suits,” “Psych,” and “The West Wing.” His charismatic performances and versatility as an actor make him beloved; Jazmyn Simon, Hill’s wife is also an accomplished actress – best known for appearing on HBO’s Ballers which also saw Dule make multiple guest appearances; their shared profession and passion for acting have resulted in them making for an ideal couple both on- and off-screen.

How Did Dule Hill and Jazmyn Simon Meet?

Dule Hill and Jazmyn Simon first crossed paths as professionals on the set of “Ballers.” Soon thereafter, however, their professional relationship blossomed into something far deeper – leading to them getting engaged nearly one year after starting dating! On April 9th they tied the knot in an emotional ceremony celebrating both of their love stories.

What Was Unique about Their Wedding?

Dule Hill and Jazmyn Simon’s wedding was an intimate, heartfelt ceremony held exactly a year after Hill proposed. Held on Simon’s birthday – April 11 – Hill took to social media with an emotional post, sharing what words cannot capture: his deep affection and admiration of Jazmyn Simon as his wife. His touching post included this sentimental quote “Words cannot capture what your presence means to me… all that you are, all that you do”.

When did they announce their pregnancy?

Dule Hill shared several stylish images on his Instagram featuring Jazmyn in elegant white lingerie proudly showing her baby bump. With the caption reading: “Sooooo we’ve been keeping a secret… The Littlest Hill is coming soon #ItsABoy”, Dule confirmed both their pregnancy as well as that it will be a boy. Their joy at such an announcement just one year post wedding adds another layer to their first year as married couples!

What Does Dule Hill and Jazmyn Simon’s Pregnancy Imply for them?

Dule Hill and Jazmyn Simon’s pregnancy represents an exciting new chapter of life; as they prepare to welcome “The Littlest Hill”, both parties feel both pride and excitement about becoming parents themselves. Dule and Jazmyn see “The Littlest Hill” not only growing their family but deepening their bonds as partners as well.

How Have Fans Responded to the Announcements?

After Hill and Simon made the announcement of their pregnancy announcement on Twitter and social media, fans and colleagues expressed an outpouring of love, admiration and congratulations for them both – not to mention excitement about future updates as the couple embarks upon this amazing journey of parenthood together! Fans eagerly anticipate further updates while sharing in their joy as this incredible journey of parenthood begins for them both!

Dule Hill and Jazmyn Simon’s journey from co-stars to life partners and soon-to-be parents is truly heartwarming. As they prepare to welcome a son into the world, this couple shares their happiness openly while simultaneously solidifying themselves not just as talented actors but as beloved family units as well. Their fans eagerly anticipate watching Dule and Jazmyn embrace their roles as parents – undoubtedly “The Littlest Hill” will grow up full of joy!

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