YouTube Shorts Video Update: YouTube Unveils Members Only Shorts for Exclusive Content Access!

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YouTube, the world’s leading video-sharing platform, is once again at the forefront of innovation, introducing a new feature that is set to revolutionize the way content creators engage with their audience. In a bid to make channel memberships more appealing, YouTube has rolled out Members Only Shorts, allowing creators to share exclusive short-form content with their paying subscribers.

Elevating the Subscription Experience

Channel memberships have always offered viewers a way to support their favorite creators while gaining access to special perks. With the introduction of Members Only Shorts, YouTube is taking this experience to the next level. Creators can now provide regular, exclusive content in a format that’s easy to consume and highly engaging.

Seamless Integration into the Upload Flow

Creators can easily take advantage of this new feature during the upload process. By navigating to the ‘Visibility’ option and selecting ‘Members only,’ they can ensure that their Shorts are exclusive to their subscribers. This option is not limited to new uploads; existing Shorts can also be designated as members-only content.

Early Access and Exclusive Previews

One of the standout features of Members Only Shorts is the ability to schedule a Short to transition from members-only to public viewing. This means that subscribers can enjoy early access to content before it’s released to the wider audience. It’s an excellent way for creators to reward their loyal fans and build anticipation for upcoming content.

Diverse Content Opportunities

Members Only Shorts are perfect for a variety of content types. Whether it’s a sneak peek of upcoming videos, exclusive product drops, special deals, or engaging Q&A sessions, creators can leverage this feature to offer unique content that adds value to their channel memberships.

Enhanced Visibility for Exclusive Content

To ensure that members-only content stands out, YouTube has introduced a distinctive star icon on the thumbnails of these Shorts. This makes it easy for subscribers to identify exclusive content in their Shorts and Subscription feeds, as well as the Membership tab.

A Win-Win for Creators and Subscribers

The introduction of Members Only Shorts is a win-win for both creators and subscribers. Creators have a new avenue to monetize their content and strengthen their community, while subscribers gain access to unique content that enhances their viewing experience.

Rolling Out to the YouTube Partner Program

The Members Only Shorts feature is now available to creators in the YouTube Partner Program. This rollout ensures that a wide range of content creators can start offering exclusive short-form content to their subscribers.

A Boon for Short-Form Content

YouTube Shorts has become a significant source of ad revenue for the platform, with the rise of short-form content gaining popularity worldwide. The introduction of Members Only Shorts is poised to further boost the appeal of this content format, providing creators with more opportunities to engage with their audience and monetize their content.


YouTube’s introduction of Members Only Shorts is a testament to the platform’s commitment to innovation and creator support. By offering exclusive content to paying subscribers, creators can deepen their connection with their audience and offer more value through their channel memberships. As short-form content continues to dominate the digital landscape, Members Only Shorts are set to become a key feature in the toolkit of YouTube creators.

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