How Eight Sleep Raises $86M? Explore What We Know So Far

In the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence and consumer technology, Eight Sleep emerges as a notable frontrunner. The company, renowned for its innovative “smart” mattresses and mattress covers, recently secured $86 million in a Series C funding round. This investment, led by Valor Equity Partners and joined by other high-profile firms and individuals, propels Eight … Read more

Bluesky Rolls Out Advanced Automated Moderation Tools & Content Moderation

The journey of Bluesky, a startup with ambitions to revolutionize social networking, begins with a clear objective: to create a decentralized platform capable of challenging established giants like Twitter. Their mission is not just about providing an alternative space but also about fostering a safer, more regulated environment. This introduction would explore Bluesky’s foundational goals, … Read more

Proton Drive Mac Debut: A New Horizon in Encrypted Cloud Storage

Proton Drive's Mac Debut

Proton, the Swiss privacy-centric company, has made significant strides forward in the ever-evolving digital environment. Following its success on Windows, Proton Drive (E2EE cloud storage service), has finally made its much-anticipated debut on Mac. This milestone marks an important step for Proton which began offering secure email solutions but has since expanded their portfolio with … Read more

Fix Malwarebytes unable to start and connect to server

Malwarebytes is one of the notable network protection programs that safeguard the clients’ systems from online bugs and dangers. These bugs and digital dangers could be hazardous or hurtful for the clients as whenever they are injected into the system, then, at that point, they take the system information and misuse them. Commonly, clients can’t … Read more

8 Things to Do with New Mac Computer ?

Congratulations on your new Mac! If you are new to Macs or you upgraded from an older device, this short guide will help you set up your new computer so that you can get the most out of it.  Here are eight things you should do immediately after you get a new MacBook.  1. Use … Read more

Arris sbg8300 Complete Reviews & Know-How

In today’s life, networking devices are so much important, and we have so many options in the market to use. There are lots of good brands in the market like – Netgear, Arris, TP-Link, D-link, etc. and they offer different networking devices in different price ranges. Arris is one of the most popular among them, … Read more

WPA VS WPA2 – Which Security Method will Work Better for Your Network?

Wi-Fi routers hold an array of security protocols in order to secure wireless networks like WEP, WPA, and WPA2. Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) is suggested over WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) to prevent the intrusion. Apparently, the only negative aspect of WPA2 is processing power. It requires more powerful hardware to protect your network and … Read more