How to connect the hp printer to Netgear router?

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2024)

Hello, Connecting the hp printer to the Netgear wifi router is quite easy when you know the right methods. most users connect the printer with wifi router while doing the first-time installation and some of them might do it later however this post will be a one-stop place where you can find all methods concerning the installation and setup.

One can use different methods as per their convenience during configurations, some of the easiest methods are mentioned below-

  • With WPS Method (Wps Pin and Wps Push Method)
  • using Hp Smart App
  • with Hp installation driver
  • On-board Printer panel

Information Required

  • Make sure You know the Network Name(SSID) and wifi password (Network Key)
  • Make sure the printer is placed within the range of the wifi router (Mostly 30-45 meters depending on the router model )
  • while using the WPS method make sure the Printer and router both are WPS enabled
  • Hp printer Driver while installation

if Don’t know the wifi password login the router using default router ip, username, and password

Connect Hp Printer to Netgear wifi Router

  • Turn the Printer on and Go to the printer onboard panel
  • Press on the Menu Key Or the Wifi Key on the Printer panel
  • Use navigation keys to select Network and then press ok
  • choose wireless settings and press Ok and navigate it to wireless setup Wizard
  • The printer will search for Networks around and present you with a network name list
  • Please navigate and Select your wifi Network name and click Ok
  • On the next step Please Insert the wifi password using the Printer panel and click ok
  • it should authenticate the information and the printer should be connected to the Netgear router.
  • you can also download the hp smart app and try to connect the printer with the wifi router but or doing that you would need to enable the wifi direct feature on your phone or computer and use wps pin for hp printer to connect the printer directly.

WPS Push Method to Connect Hp printer to Wifi

  • Place the printer within the wifi router/extender range and turn it on
  • Go to the Printer and press the menu or setup key on the printer panel
  • Select Network Settings and navigate it to the wi-fi Protected Setup option and press ok
  • Now select the push button and click ok
  • On the next screen touch on start and the WPS will be enabled

once the WPS is enabled Now you have the 2 minutes windows to make the connection between the printer and router.

  • Go to the Router and make sure it’s powered on and working
  • Press the WPS key on the router and hold it for 4-5 seconds and Let it Go
  • Give it a few seconds while it confirms the connection and the WPS light on the router turn solid to confirm the connection.

you can also download the hp printer driver from the official website and start the installation process in a quick and easy way.

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