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Today, we are going to assist you on how to install a wireless Netgear router in your home.
Step 1. Unpack your device from its box.
Step 2. Take all the paperwork out that came with your router. Check that you have got everything you need to set up your routers such as one network cable, a couple of stands and one power chord.

Step 3. Take the router out of the plastic cover and unpack the power cable and plug it in. Make sure you have a wireless laptop or computer that you are going to use. Otherwise, you are going to need the network cable to plug it into your computer.

Step 4. Get the router ready to use and plug the power chord that came with your router into the back of your Netgear router where the little circle is.

Step 5. The next step is to take the network cable that came with the router and plugs it into the back of the router. Now, take the other end of the cable and connect it to your PC.

Step 6. Take the network cable from your DSL or cable modem and plug it into the rear port on the right-hand side of the router.

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Netgear Router Setup

Step 7. Now, you need to go to your computer and we will guide you on how to set it up. Open up an internet browser on your computers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari and at the top in the address bar type in routerlogin.com Or and press “enter”.

Step 8. It will take you to the setup page to set up your network router and if it does not come up you can hit the F5 button on the keyboard to refresh the page.
Step 9. Windows will pop up on your computer screen asking you “would you like help setting up your wireless network”. You need to click “yes” to that and click “next”. Setup will now guide you through the steps to get your Netgear router connected.

Step 10. After it has completed searching your wireless network settings, it will show you that “a specific type” of internet connection has been successfully detected.
Step 11. Now, it will ask you to type the network name of your new network. By default, it will give the network name as “Netgear”. We suggest you change it in order to avoid network conflicts while connecting the new network with your other devices. Click “next”.
Step 12. It will ask you “do want to add security to your wireless network?” So, click “next” again.
Step 13. Choose the WPA-PSK as the wireless security type as it is far more secure than the “WEP” security type. WPA-PSK security type supports all the wireless devices that you have purchased within the past 3-5 years. Click “Next”.

Step 14. Now, in the next window, it will ask you to type in the new passphrase for the network. Make sure your password is not shorter than 8 characters.
Step 15. Make sure that you save your new “network name” and “passphrase”. The default user name of your router is “admin” and the password is “password”. Click “Yes” to change it otherwise, click on “no” to leave the settings unchanged.
Step 16. Now, wait for some time to let it update all the settings.
Now, you have your router configured successfully, you can go ahead and click on network settings of your computer. Click on the “Netgear” network and connect to it. Enter the password that you just have set up while configuring the network.

Similarly, you can connect all your wireless network devices to your new Netgear network.

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Hope this Works Out.Good Luck


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