Tp-link Login to Configure And Manage Router Settings

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2021)

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Looking to tp-link login? access to the router would allow you total control over the tp-link wifi router. this is the complete guide on how you can access the tp-link router settings and perform various tasks such as-

  • Router setup, configuration, Reset and update
  • insert wps pin and join other wps enabled devices
  • manage connected devices, open and manage port forwording
  • retrive or change tplink wifi password or manage admin password
  • Set guest network, manage parental control

many of the users fail to access the router page because they ignore the conditions required for login. Here is the best way method for tp-link login just follow the steps-

Whats are Condition for tp-link router login?

  • if you are not connected with router you won’t be able to access the router dashboard. if you are not connected with tplink with wifi then please connect computer with tplink router using ethernet connection.
  • you must know the default tplink ip address and default username and password for you to login tplink router.
  • one should always use a computer or smartphone with full browser for further settings.

Please procure the details asked above up front if don’t have this information needed worry, not this guide has all that information below. Please follow the steps given below-

How do I log into my TP-Link Router?

  • Restart the computer and open a fresh browser windows
  • type or at the top of the browser and press enter.
  • instead of ip address you can also type and press enter
  • it should take you to the admin page of the router and it may ask for the username and password.
  • please use the cobination of of the username and password given below to access the settings.

one of the combinations given above should do the trick to help you log in to the router console.

What to do when you fail to access tp-link login page?

in case you are not able to access the tp link login page please follow the steps below.

  • Sometimes the internet browser can be the issues please clear the browser cache or change the browser.
  • the ip address was changed by internet provider or any other admin user please make sure what is the gateway knows as default ip for the router
  • Reset the router to default settings and then try these methods all over again.
  • to reset the tplink router pleaase press the reset key at the back of router with the help of paperclip for 20-30 seconds
  • relese the key once you see all light flashing on the router and restart the router along with modem.
  • setup the router from start and follow the steps given below on the setup guide.

if you are looking for router setup please go to the tp Link router setup guide to complete the installation

How do I find my tp-link username and password?

most of the routers come with a wifi configuration card when you first buy them find the card inside the router box. if you don’t see that please look at the bottom of the router and you should be able to see the default IP address, username, and password.

in case you are looking to access TP-Link range extender please use the guide tplink extender login to access the extender settings.

Please contact support if you need any other help with tplink login and configuration they may also help you with expert advice with any other problem you might have with TP-Link products.

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