Google App Update: Advanced Search Moves to a New Location

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2024)

Google Search, a dominant force in the world of search engines, continues to evolve, with a focus on integrating AI into its future developments. Alongside these advancements, Google is also dedicated to refining the existing search experience for its users. A key tool in this endeavor, Advanced Search, has been part of Google Search for some time, albeit with limited visibility. This is set to change as Google announces a strategic relocation of Advanced Search within the Tools section, aiming to make it more accessible to users.

Streamlining Access to Advanced Search

The Google Search Support team recently revealed that this move is intended to simplify access to Advanced Search. Previously tucked away in the Search Settings menu, Advanced Search was not as visible or accessible as it could be. By relocating it to the Tools section, Google is making it easier for users to discover and utilize this powerful feature.

When users perform a search, they are presented with a horizontally scrollable list of options, such as All, News, Images, Videos, Shopping, and more. Advanced Search will now find its place at the end of this list, under the Tools tab, making it more prominent and accessible.

Enhanced Visibility on Mobile and Web Platforms

While Google has stated that Advanced Search on mobile will be accessible via the Tools tab, it appears as part of the Search tools tab on Android devices. This tab is also present on the results page when using Google Chrome or the Google mobile app on both Android and iOS platforms. However, on the web version of Google Search, the Advanced Search option is correctly positioned within the Tools tab, aligning with Google’s intended design.

This increased visibility of Advanced Search is a significant improvement. Previously, the feature was relatively unknown to many users due to its limited visibility. With its new placement within the results page, it is anticipated that the usage of Advanced Search will see considerable growth.

Simplifying Search with Advanced Options

Advanced Search is among the simpler yet effective tools available to refine search results. It provides users with filters to narrow down results based on specific criteria such as words and numbers used in the search query, languages, file types, or specific sites or domains. This level of granularity in search customization is invaluable for users seeking precise information.


Google’s decision to relocate Advanced Search to a more visible location within the Tools section is a welcome change. It not only enhances the usability of Google Search but also encourages users to explore the full potential of their search queries. As Google continues to evolve its search engine with AI and other innovations, it remains committed to improving the conventional search experience for its users. With Advanced Search now more accessible, users can look forward to a more efficient and effective search experience on Google.

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