How To Use iPhone Journal App? Here’s All We Know

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Apple’s recent iOS 17.2 update introduced an innovative app titled Journal, designed to enhance how iPhone users document life experiences directly from their phones. While countless journaling apps exist on the App Store, Journal stands out by providing a smooth experience that seamlessly fits within iOS ecosystem. Not only is it secure and straightforward – all at no additional cost – this guide will walk you through essentials for getting started with Journal app such as setting reminders for journaling sessions and protecting personal entries.

Getting Started with Journal

The Journal app arrives pre-installed with iOS 17.2, marking a significant addition to Apple’s suite of productivity tools. Depending on your iPhone’s configuration before the update, the app may appear on your home screen or within your App Library.

How to Create a New Journal Entry

Initiating your journey with Journal is straightforward. Follow these steps to capture your thoughts, moments, and memories:

  1. Locate and Launch Journal: Search for the Journal app on your iPhone and open it.
  2. Welcome Screen: New users will be greeted with an introduction. Tap “Continue” to move to a blank canvas.
  3. Initiate Entry: Click the plus icon at the screen’s bottom center to start a new entry.
  4. Compose: Hit the “New Entry” option and let your thoughts flow into text.
  5. Enhance Your Entry: Add depth to your entries by using the options to include images from your library, capture new photos, attach audio clips, or tag locations. Note, images and audio are added under the entry’s title and cannot be placed inline with the text.
  6. Finalize: Tap “Done” to save your entry.

Setting Journaling Reminders

Consistency is key to journaling. The Journal app facilitates this by allowing you to set reminders:

  1. Access Settings: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to Journal: Scroll and select “Journal” from the list.
  3. Journaling Schedule: Find and tap “Journaling Schedule” to customize your reminders.
  4. Activate Schedule: Enable scheduling and select your preferred time and days for journaling reminders.

Although the app does not support varying reminder times across different days, leveraging the Reminders app or a third-party application can offer a workaround for more specific scheduling needs.

Securing Your Journal

Given the personal nature of journal entries, Apple provides options to secure your journal using Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode:

  1. Open Settings: Start by launching the Settings app.
  2. Select Journal: Scroll to find and tap on “Journal.”
  3. Lock Journal: Choose “Lock Journal” and follow the prompts to set your security preference.
  4. Enable Security: After entering your iPhone’s passcode, toggle the “Lock” option to activate security measures.
  5. Passcode Settings: Optionally, adjust the “Require Passcode” setting to determine the duration of inactivity before the app locks itself.

This security feature ensures that your personal reflections remain private and accessible only to you.


Apple’s Journal app is an impressive example of its commitment to offering users tools that both boost productivity and foster personal wellbeing. Integrating seamlessly into iOS ecosystem, with features geared toward simplicity, security and personalization makes this digital journaling platform standout in this crowded digital journaling space. By following this guide to start journaling on an iPhone – setting reminders and protecting entries – you can get the most out of this experience. Whether it be fleeting thoughts, deep reflections or life’s significant moments; Apple Journal app serves as your companion in documenting life’s journey!

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