WhatsApp All-New Search Bar: A Game-Changer for Users

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2024)

WhatsApp, one of the world’s leading messaging apps, continues to innovate by introducing new features through its beta channel. These updates aim to improve the user experience by making the app more intuitive and efficient. Two notable features that have recently caught attention are the introduction of a search bar in the Chats tab and a convenient “Move to top” button for stickers.

Introducing the Search Bar in Chats Tab

In a recent beta update, WhatsApp added a search bar to the Chats tab, a feature that has been long awaited by users. This addition, first spotted in WhatsApp beta version, allows users to quickly search for specific messages within their long list of conversations. The search bar’s presence in the Chats tab was confirmed in version of WhatsApp beta for Android, which debuted in early March.

However, the implementation of the search bar still appears to be under development. In a side-by-side comparison with the version where it first appeared, it is evident that the search bar is not fully optimized, as a portion of it is obscured by the dark green header. Despite this, the repeated sightings of the search bar in multiple app versions indicate that it is likely to become a permanent feature in the future.

Slow Rollout of the Search Bar

The rollout of the search bar seems to be gradual, as it is not yet available on all devices running the beta version of WhatsApp. For example, an Android smartphone running WhatsApp beta v2.24.8.2 still lacks the search bar. This slow rollout suggests that the developers are taking their time to ensure the feature is fully functional and optimized before making it available to all users.

Enhancing Sticker Accessibility with “Move to Top” Button

In addition to the search bar, another minor yet useful feature has been spotted in version of WhatsApp beta. According to Android app sleuth AssembleDebug, this update includes a “Move to top” button for stickers. This button allows users to prioritize their favorite or frequently used stickers by placing them at the top of the list. This feature is a welcome addition for users who frequently communicate with stickers, as it saves them the hassle of scrolling through an extensive list to find their preferred stickers.


WhatsApp’s continuous efforts to enhance its app through beta updates are evident in the introduction of features like the search bar in the Chats tab and the “Move to top” button for stickers. While the search bar is still in the testing phase, its repeated appearance in multiple app versions suggests that it will soon be a staple feature of the app. On the other hand, the “Move to top” button for stickers is a small but significant improvement that will make sticker usage more convenient for users. These updates demonstrate WhatsApp’s commitment to improving user experience and keeping the app up-to-date with user needs.

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