How to Get Seraphic Beacon M16A4 Skin in PUBG Mobile – Here’s How!

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2024)

The thrilling world of PUBG Mobile intensifies with the latest Lucky Spin event, launched on March 18, 2024. This event is a treasure trove for gamers aiming to elevate their arsenal with the rarest of items. At the heart of this event lies the coveted Seraphic Beacon M16A4 skin, surrounded by an array of Mythic and Legendary items that are bound to capture the attention of players across the globe. In this article, we dive deep into the mechanics of acquiring these prestigious items and offer insights on making the most out of this opportunity.

The Crown Jewels: Mythic and Legendary Rewards

The Lucky Spin event is distinguished by its offering of Mythic and Legendary items, which stand as the pinnacle of rarity within PUBG Mobile. The Mythic treasures include the Seraphic Genie mask, Seraphic Genie headcover, Seraphic Princess hair set, Seraphic Princess headcover, and the upgradable Seraphic Beacon M16A4 skin. On the Legendary front, players can vie for the Seraphic Princess set and the Seraphic Genie set. These items not only add aesthetic value but also signify the player’s distinguished status within the game.

Navigating the Lucky Spin: Unlocking the Seraphic Beacon M16A4 and More

To embark on this quest for the Seraphic Beacon M16A4 skin and other magnificent items, players must engage in the Lucky Spin crate openings. These openings require the game’s premium currency, Unknown Cash (UC), and operate on a mechanism that randomly awards an item from the crate upon each spin. A single attempt at fortune costs 40 UCs, while a bundle of 10 spins is available at a discounted rate of 360 UCs.

For those determined to secure their desired items, UCs can be replenished through real-money transactions. Should luck not favor your spins, worry not, as the game offers a redemption option through in-crate coins, which are also obtained from crate openings.

Redemption Prices for the Sought-after Items:

  • Seraphic Genie mask: 100 in-crate coins
  • Seraphic Genie headcover: 100 in-crate coins
  • Seraphic Princess hair set: 150 in-crate coins
  • Seraphic Princess headcover: 100 in-crate coins
  • Seraphic Beacon M16A4 skin: 200 in-crate coins
  • Seraphic Princess set: 500 in-crate coins
  • Seraphic Genie set: 500 in-crate coins
  • Development Material: 200 in-crate coins
  • Paint: 4 in-crate coins

Elevating Your Gameplay: Upgrading the Seraphic Beacon M16A4 Skin

The Seraphic Beacon M16A4 skin stands out not just for its rarity but also for its upgradability. Players can enhance this skin through the use of Development Materials and Paint, acquired from crate openings. Each upgrade level unlocks exclusive attributes for the skin, such as on-hit effects, elimination effects, and unique elimination broadcast messages, adding a layer of prestige and personalization to your gameplay.

To advance through the skin’s levels, players must collect a progressively increasing quantity of Development Materials and Paint, making each upgrade a testament to the player’s dedication and prowess.


PUBG Mobile Seraphic Beacon M16A4 Lucky Spin event provides players with an amazing chance to acquire some of the game’s most desirable items, from skins collectors and enthusiasts, to competitive players looking to showcase their achievements – this event caters for everyone! By understanding its mechanics, strategizing your UC expenditure, and taking advantage of redemption options available you can significantly increase your odds of acquiring these prestigious pieces – embrace this challenge, and may luck favor your spins!

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