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Janet Condra is perhaps best-known as being married briefly to NBA icon Larry Bird; their courtship began at Springs Valley High School in French Lick, Indiana where their romance flourished and brief union ensued.

How Long Were Larry Bird and Janet Condra Married?

Larry Bird and Janet Condra had only a brief marriage that came about on November 8, 1975 at Indiana State University where Bird was attending college basketball school, only for it to end soon afterwards in early 1976 – less than one year since getting engaged!

What Caused Larry Bird and Janet Condra to Separate?

Details surrounding their divorce remain scarce as both parties have kept matters private, though its suddenness might suggest young love or the pressures associated with an imminent professional basketball career were the culprit.

Do Larry Bird and Janet Condra Have Children Together?

No doubt Larry Bird and Janet Condra had one daughter together: Corrie Bird was born August 1977 shortly after their separation, creating further layers of complexity to Larry’s personal life as well as his growing basketball career.

What was Larry Bird’s Relationship Like With Corrie Bird, His Daughter?

At first, Larry Bird had minimal contact with Corrie after their divorce and subsequent estrangement from one another; later in life however they attempted to reconcile and reconnect.

Are You Wondering If Larry Bird Is Married Now?

Larry Bird found love once more after the dissolution of his first marriage to Janet Condra when he wed Dinah Mattingly in 1989, marrying her three months later and enjoying an otherwise strong and stable partnership together – adopting two children, Connor and Mariah, along with sharing life outside the public eye together.

Who Is Corrie Bird and What Can Be Learnt of Her Today?

Corrie Bird, Larry Bird’s biological child from his marriage with Janet Condra, has found happiness outside the shadow of fame that was cast upon her parentage. After years of minimal contact between herself and Larry Bird, they have recently reconciled. Since marrying Trent Batson she now raises two children of their own while enjoying both famed parentage as well as ordinary life experiences.

How has Larry Bird’s Personal Life Influenced His Public Persona?

Larry Bird has always maintained an image of calm on the basketball court while keeping much of his personal life out of view. His brief marriage to Janet, estrangement from and eventual reconciliation with daughter have given insight into a life that has faced personal struggles while rising from them – giving greater understanding to his public image not just as an athlete, but as someone dealing with relationships complex enough for mainstream media coverage.

Janet Condra and Larry Bird’s brief but consequential marriage offers us insight into one of basketball’s great players’ personal life. While their time together may have been short lived, its impact has had lasting ramifications affecting them as individuals as well as Corrie who lives today with Larry’s second wife – yet its memories still echo throughout his family life offering insight into fame and success within sports.

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