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After the recent events surrounding Larry Nassar, former USA Gymnastics doctor found guilty of sexual abuse, much attention has turned not only towards him but also those closely connected to him during his criminal activity – including Stephanie Nassar who remains mostly out of sight since she has mostly kept to herself during these turbulent years. This article explores who Stephanie Nassar is and her life since this much publicized scandal has played out.

Who Is Stephanie Nassar?

Stephanie Anderson (nee Nassar), is an expert pediatric physician’s assistant working for Michigan State University since 1992 and later graduating in 1999 from their Physician Assistant program with her Master’s degree. Despite controversy regarding her former spouse, Stephanie still provides pediatric care services in Lansing, Michigan.

When Did Stephanie and Larry Nassar Get Married?

Larry and Stephanie Nassar tied the knot at St. John’s Catholic Church in East Lansing, Michigan on October 19, 1996, attended by friends and family – however some early victims of Larry were present as this shocking truth only became known later. This highlights just how complex and deeply troubling his abuses truly were.

What Happened to Their Marriage?

As news of Larry Nassar’s crimes became public on January 25, 2017 Stephanie filed for divorce immediately; within six months the agreement had been finalized and Stephanie granted sole custody to their three children- two daughters and a son. Notably neither Stephanie or their children attended Larry’s sentencing proceedings or subsequent court proceedings due to its devastating effect on them and the rest of their family.

How Is Stephanie Related to the Nassar Case?

Stephanie’s involvement in the Nassar case remains controversial. In one federal lawsuit filed by one of his survivors, Stephanie is named and accused of sending them directly to Larry for medical care, leading them down a path toward abuse and sexual exploitation by Larry himself. This aspect of the case highlights its complex interconnectivities as well as potential indirect roles played by individuals close to Larry that enabled or supported his behavior, whether intentional or otherwise.

What Is Her Current Situation?

Stephanie Nassar currently remains employed as a pediatric physician’s assistant, working to distance herself from the crimes of her ex-husband. Stephanie’s situation highlights the difficulties associated with being indirectly tied to scandal through personal relationships; thus far she has kept a relatively low profile, prioritizing career goals and her children’s wellbeing while remaining out of sight from media scrutiny regarding the Nassar scandal.

Stephanie Nassar’s life encapsulates the far-reaching consequences of crime that extend beyond direct victims. As former spouse to Larry Nassar, Stephanie has faced enormous personal and professional difficulties since their separation; her journey demonstrates the difficulty experienced by families of people involved in high-profile criminal cases like Larry. Although his name remains prominent when discussing abuse in sports, stories like Stephanie should also be taken into account to illustrate more human aspects associated with tragedies like these.

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