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Anamaria Goltes has garnered wide acclaim not only as the fiancee of NBA star Luka Doncic but also through her accomplishments as a model, influencer and aspiring entrepreneur. From early life in Slovenia through her move to Dallas she has managed cultural transitions while remaining true to herself while supporting both Luka and herself on and off the court.

Who is Anamaria Goltes?

Anamaria Goltes was born April 30th 1998 in Slovenia and since has made a name for herself as an accomplished model while supporting Luka Doncic, whom she met during their childhood years spent together in Croatia. Their relationship developed into one that ultimately resulted in romantic engagement in 2023; and during that time she studied economics and business at Ljubljana’s School of Economics & Business where her own father also once studied.

What Is Anamaria Goltes’ Educational Background?

Goltes earned her degree in tourism and recreation from University of Ljubljana before moving to Dallas; even then she managed her coursework effectively with ease despite time differences despite this feat of virtual study. Goltes is committed to both personal growth and professional advancement through her studies; their educational pursuits speak volumes.

How did Anamaria Goltes Get Her Start In Modeling?

Anamaria first entered the modeling world in 2017 as an ambassador for Lisca Lingerie and soon signed with Immortal Models Management; soon thereafter she appeared in campaigns for Slovenian jeweler Zlatarna Celje as well as appearing on Cosmopolitan Slovenia cover page! Since then her modeling career has flourished both locally and globally showcasing both versatility and appeal of Anamaria as an actress/stylist/actress.

What are Anamaria Goltes’s Entrepreneurial Ventures?

Goltes has expressed her entrepreneurial aspirations through several projects such as creating a fashion blog and exploring designing workout clothing line options. Though these efforts remain preliminary, their development indicates her ambitions of expanding her professional horizons beyond modeling.

How has Anamaria Goltes found living in Dallas impactful for her?

Goltes found her move from Slovenia to Dallas a source of both cultural and lifestyle transformation, exploring local amenities like grocery stores and gyms while making new friends – not only did this enable her to grow personally but it allowed her to support Doncic as he navigated his NBA journey with Dallas Mavericks.

What Role Does Anamaria Goltes Play in Luka Doncic’s Life?

Goltes and Doncic share an extraordinary bond, transcending personal relations. She can often be found cheering him on at games, wearing his jersey number and supporting his career through various engagements – especially at events such as NBA Awards or All-Star game where her presence proves crucial in being his support partner.

Anamaria Goltes Manages Her Professional and Personal Life Well

Goltes has successfully balanced her modeling career, studies and personal life. Her strategy involves prioritizing identity and goals to stay fulfilled and joyful as part of life and enhance relationships in her relationships.

Anamaria Goltes and Luka Doncic Engage In Charitable Work?

Their dedication to charity can be seen through their many charitable endeavours, like when Doncic could not visit Slovenian children’s hospitals due to basketball commitments; Goltes took it upon herself to visit on his behalf and spread holiday joy for him, underscoring their shared commitment to making a positive difference within their local communities.

What Does Anamaria Goltes and Luka Doncic Face Going Forward?

As they prepare to celebrate their wedding and prepare to welcome Gabriela into their lives, Goltes and Doncic look ahead with optimism to their bright and dynamic future together as parents and a couple. Their strong partnership, combined with individual pursuits such as modeling, basketball and potential entrepreneurial ventures sets up an illuminating path forward.

Anamaria Goltes stands as an inspiring testament to maintaining one’s identity while supporting another under global scrutiny. From student life in Slovenia to model/influencer status in Dallas alongside becoming Doncic’s fiancee/mother of his child – including serving as his fiancee/parents of their child together – Goltes remains a compelling narrative of love, ambition, and partnership as she and Doncic work to build their life together.

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