How to Fix Apex Legends “Gifting Not Working” Error? A Complete Guide!

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2024)

Since the debut of the gifting system within Apex Legends’ Season 15 Eclipse, gamers have been eagerly anticipating opportunities to give away amazing skins and other items with friends. However, this anticipation has been tempered by the ever-present “Gifting Not Working” error. Despite attempts by developers to fix the issue via patches and updates, players are still experiencing frustration because of this issue. We’ll look into the reasons why this issue occurs, and then look at the possibilities of fixing this issue.

Understanding the Gifting Error

It is known that the “Gifting Not Working” error in Apex Legends has become a problem for players, leading to interruptions in gameplay and interruptions and crashes. The reports from players indicate that server issues are at the root of this issue. The system for gifting gets involved in server problems which can cause errors and failures when trying to mail gifts. In addition, glitches in the technology of the game can cause more difficulties that come with gifting, causing frustrations for gamers.

Effects of the Gifting Error

The gifting issue can affect your overall experience playing Apex Legends. Some players may notice the game freezing or even crashing while trying to use the gifting option, which results in frustration as well as inconvenience. The volume of gifts and transactions puts stress on servers, which leads to problems with performance, which further make the issue worse for the feature for gifting. Furthermore, any errors that affect the friends list like disappearing lists or issues in locating recipients only make the problems for users trying to make gifts.

Possible Solutions

There isn’t a direct fix to an issue like the “Gifting Not Working” error in Apex Legends, players can utilize a variety of strategies to combat this issue:

  1. Enable EA Login Verification: Turning on EA authentication for both the recipient and the sender provides an additional layer of security. It could also aid in resolving authentication issues that can lead to the error in gifting.
  2. Stay Updated: Keeping an eye out for updates to games is vital, since game developers regularly release patches that address problems that are known, such as gifting glitches. It is important for players to ensure that they have updated versions of the game and then re-start the game after upgrading to apply any fix.
  3. Monitor Server Status: Keeping track of server’s status will provide information about whether this issue is caused by problems with servers or individual configurations. If a lot of reports about issues with gifts are seen It is most likely to be an issue with the server that needs the intervention of the developers.


It is known that the “Gifting Not Working” error in Apex Legends poses a significant issue for those who wish to share items and skins with their fellow players. Although strategies like enabling EA log-in verification, remaining up-to-date on updates to the game, as well as monitoring the status of servers can offer some relief for a short time, the final solution is in the hands of developers. Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have to address the root of the technical problems that are causing the gifting glitch and restore the functionality of this highly anticipated feature.

Apex Legends, crafted by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, continues to draw players in with its distinctive mix of battle royale as well as heroes shooter gameplay. After its debut in February of 2019 it has expanded its appeal across various platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and even mobile devices. While players wait for a solution to the error in gifting and the game’s developers continue to dedicate themselves to offering a superior gaming experience for everyone.

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