Star Wars Outlaws Release Date, Trailers, Platforms, Gameplay & Much More!

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2024)

The Star Wars franchise has continually expanded its universe through films, series, and, notably, video games. The announcement of “Star Wars Outlaws” brings an intriguing twist to the galaxy far, far away, promising players an experience unlike any other seen in previous adaptations. Diving into the murky waters of the galaxy’s underworld, players will navigate through morally ambiguous territories, engaging in heists and evading both crime lords and the Empire. Here’s everything we know about “Star Wars Outlaws,” including its release window, gameplay features, main characters, and more.

Anticipated Launch Date

Now set for release sometime during 2024, “Star Wars Outlaws” remains unknown as regards an exact release date; however, expectations suggest either late Q3 to early Q4 launch as this ties into holiday release seasons favored by game studios like Ubisoft who often drop major releases like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry during these periods, hinting that “Outlaws” might follow in suit with similar releases being implemented during that same timeframe.

Sneak Peeks and Trailers

Ubisoft has already graced fans with two trailers of The Division 2. The initial cinematic tease offered an introduction into its universe, featuring key characters and setting an overall atmosphere for their debut title, while Ubisoft Forward 2023 provided them with a 10-minute gameplay trailer, showing stealth tactics reminiscent of Splinter Cell and thrilling speeder bike chases that promise even greater depth than anticipated by Ubisoft Forward. However, those looking for spoilers might wait until official launch to access further.

Gaming Platforms

“Star Wars Outlaws” will only appear on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC platforms – bypassing older console generations altogether – reflecting its ambition of providing players with an engaging gaming experience with cutting edge tech – but leaving those without next-gen consoles feeling disenfranchised by this move.

Meet Kay Vess

The trailers showcase our protagonist Kay Vess as an intelligent individual always on the hunt for big scores. Hailing from Canto Bight Worker’s District on Cantonica, Kay’s goal is to become one of the galaxy’s most notorious criminals while fighting formidable crime syndicates like Cannithus. Nix, her faithful creature companion is essential in navigating her way through challenges presented in-game; though Kay does not possess force powers herself – instead relying solely on skills and gadgets and skills will allow her to remain victorious throughout her adventures across Cantonica.

Setting the Stage

“Star Wars Outlaws” takes place at an important juncture of the Star Wars saga, sitting between “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi.” During this turbulent era of galactic history, rebel forces suffered losses and Han Solo had been captured, creating the ideal situation for Kay’s antics to unfold.

Exploring the Galaxy

Ubisoft announced today that “Outlaws” is its inaugural open world game from its Star Wars Jedi Survivor franchise. Players will have complete freedom to explore various planets, undertake missions and immerse themselves into this vast galaxy all in order to survive and profit from this vast galaxy.

Engage in Space Combat

Space combat is at the core of “Star Wars Outlaws.” Players piloting The Trailblazer will take part in battles against both Imperial forces and other adversaries; with customized ship options offering increase speed, evasion capabilities, and firepower capabilities available at their fingertips – just one way “Star Wars Outlaws” keeps things exciting!

A World Without Jedi?

Since “Star Wars Outlaws” explores the galaxy’s underworld, it is unlikely that its narrative will center around Jedi characters. Instead, its focus will likely revolve around bounty hunters and other fringe elements instead; encounters between Jedi characters may still happen occasionally but are unlikely to become central themes within its scope.

“Star Wars Outlaws” promises to add something special and novel to the Star Wars gaming legacy, giving fans a fresh take on its expansive universe. Emphasising moral complexity, open world exploration and deep dives into galaxy shadowy corners – Outlaws promises an adventure full of intrigue and anticipation as its release approaches – setting it up to be groundbreaking addition to Star Wars franchise!

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