Stellar Blade Demo Release Date, Platform, Trailer & Much More!

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Anticipation for Stellar Blade, Sony’s exclusive game released exclusively to PS4, has reached fever pitch after its unintentional sneak peek appeared briefly on PlayStation Store earlier this month and then quickly disappeared after prompting much excitement among gaming community. But confirmation by Hyung Tae Kim of its release by official announcement from their director has kept gamers going strong until April 26, 2024 when its full launch will finally happen! Here is everything players should know ahead of diving into its action-packed world before then:

When Can You Download the Stellar Blade Demo?

The wait is almost over for eager fans. The Stellar Blade demo is set to hit the PlayStation Store on Saturday, March 30, 2024, becoming available at 7 am PST, 10 am EST, 2 pm GMT, and 1 am AEST on March 31 for Australian players. This global release schedule allows players from all corners of the globe to start their adventure simultaneously. The exact size of the demo remains under wraps until its debut, keeping players guessing and adding to the excitement.

Inside the Stellar Blade Demo

Diving into the demo, players will experience Eve’s journey as she embarks upon her quest to retake Earth from Naytiba’s threats – starting in Eidos 7 as Eve discovers new worlds to explore and fight their enemies off against one another – before moving forward to Eidos 9 for exploration and combat. Expect approximately 1- 2 hours of gameplay when exploring and combat are included within this demo version of game!

Combat at a smooth 60fps and an expansive cityscape filled with formidable enemies make the demo truly exciting. Beating the first boss unlocks “a little surprise”, further increasing suspense before concluding the demo on an impressive note.

Continuing Your Journey in Stellar Blade

No need to fret: Any achievements and advancements earned during the demo will carry over seamlessly into the full game upon its launch, enabling players to skip past any initial stage when returning later if their save data remains on PS5.

Conclusion: Your Early Access to Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade provides an exciting glimpse of action and adventure awaiting players in this highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive game. As Eve embarks upon her mission to save humanity, players can expect an engaging blend of exploration and combat set against an eye-catching postapocalyptic world.

Remember to mark your calendars for March 30, 2024, to be among the first to experience the thrilling world of Stellar Blade. And as you await the full game’s release on April 26, stay tuned to our Guide Hub for more updates, tips, and insights to enhance your gaming experience.

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