Meta Announces Shutdown of Facebook News Tab in the US and Australia

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2024)

In a significant move to reduce its focus on news and political content, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced the discontinuation of the Facebook News tab in the United States and Australia. This decision is set to take effect in early April and follows a similar shutdown of the feature in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany last year.

The End of an Era for Facebook News

Launched in 2019, the Facebook News tab was designed as a curated space where users could find headlines from a variety of news outlets, ranging from national to local publications. The feature aimed to provide a dedicated area for news content, separate from the personal and commercial posts that dominate users’ news feeds.

However, Meta’s recent announcement marks a significant shift in the company’s approach to news content on its platform. By discontinuing the News tab, Meta is moving away from emphasizing news and political content, a decision that reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to address concerns surrounding misinformation and its potential contribution to political polarization.

Impact on Users and News Organizations

Despite the removal of the News tab, Facebook users will still have access to news articles through shared links on their news feeds. News organizations will also continue to have the ability to post and promote their stories on Facebook, much like any other user or organization.

Meta’s spokesperson, Dani Lever, clarified that the change would affect the platform’s recommendation system but not the posts from accounts that users actively choose to follow. “This change does not impact posts from accounts people choose to follow; it impacts what the system recommends, and people can control if they want more,” Lever stated.

Meta’s Commitment to User Feedback and Content Moderation

The decision to shut down the Facebook News tab is part of Meta’s broader commitment to responding to user feedback and creating a more balanced user experience. Over the years, the company has faced criticism for its handling of news and political content, particularly regarding the spread of misinformation and its impact on public discourse.

By reducing the emphasis on news content, Meta aims to build a platform that prioritizes personal connections and positive interactions, while still providing users with the option to engage with news content if they choose to do so.

Looking Ahead: Meta’s Evolving Approach to Content

As Meta moves forward with this change, it highlights the company’s evolving approach to content moderation and its efforts to adapt to the changing needs and preferences of its user base. While the removal of the News tab represents a significant shift, it is part of a larger strategy to create a more enjoyable and less polarized online environment.

In the coming months, it will be interesting to see how this decision impacts user engagement with news content on Facebook and how news organizations adapt to the changing landscape of social media platforms.


Meta’s announcement to discontinue the Facebook News tab in the US and Australia reflects a strategic shift away from news and political content. While users and news organizations will still have avenues to access and share news articles, the decision underscores Meta’s ongoing efforts to address misinformation and enhance the overall user experience on its platforms. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Meta’s approach to content moderation and platform design will undoubtedly remain a topic of interest and discussion.

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