WhatsApp Upcoming Update: Disable Link Previews for Enhanced Privacy

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WhatsApp, the instant messaging platform owned by Meta, is reportedly gearing up to introduce a new feature for iOS users that aims to enhance privacy. This upcoming feature will allow users to disable link previews, providing an additional layer of security to their messaging experience.

A Step Forward in Privacy Protection

According to WABetaInfo, this feature is designed to offer users greater control over their privacy by preventing the automatic generation of previews when sending links. While this feature is still under development on WhatsApp beta for Android, it appears that WhatsApp is now extending the same privacy feature to its iOS app.

The introduction of this feature means that users who choose to disable link previews will no longer see automatic previews of the links they send. However, they will continue to receive rich link previews from other users who have not disabled this feature. This selective disabling ensures that the user’s privacy preferences are respected without affecting the overall messaging experience.

Safeguarding IP Addresses

The primary aim of this feature is to protect users’ IP addresses from being inferred by third-party websites when they share links. By disabling link previews, users can prevent their IP addresses from being tracked, thereby enhancing their online privacy. This upgrade not only makes WhatsApp more private but also safer, as it shields users’ IP addresses from external visibility, adding an extra layer of security to their messaging.

WABetaInfo highlights that this proactive approach to enhancing privacy features underscores WhatsApp’s dedication to prioritizing user privacy and security in its instant messaging service. The privacy feature to disable link previews is currently under development and is expected to be available in a future update of the app.

Facilitating New Conversations

In related news, WhatsApp is also working on adding a new section to the chats list in a future update of the app. This section will list suggested new contacts from the address book, making it easier for users to start conversations with people they have not yet chatted with on the platform. This feature aims to streamline the process of initiating new chats, further enhancing the user experience on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp’s commitment to user privacy and security is evident in its continuous efforts to introduce features that empower users to control their online presence. The upcoming feature to disable link previews on iOS is a testament to this commitment, offering users an additional tool to safeguard their privacy. As WhatsApp continues to evolve, it remains dedicated to providing a secure and private messaging platform for its users worldwide.

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