Reset Belkin range extender

How to Reset Belkin Range Extender to Default Settings

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2022)

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every Range extender has its Loopholes and Since its Just technology, we are bound to have problems and Glitches With it. Today we Present you an Interesting Post On Why & How to Reset the Belkin range extender. we also Acknowledge the fact that while Troubleshoot Belkin range Extender the hard reset is a Common & most used Option to Reset Belkin range Booster.

Reset Belkin Range Extender

Many sites Have Different Methods For How to Reset Belkin Extender but in this Post, we have a Few Steps Ahead That Might make you Pro to Fix Belkin extender Connection Problem.

A lot of the websites say that one should Perform the Hard Reset Using the Reset Key as a First step But we Don’t Recommend that. Please Don’t Hard Reset Any Device Because it Has to be the Last Option for Your Troubleshooting.

A Wrongful Or Repeated hard reset may Cause hardware failure on your Extender. There are two ways for You to Reset the Belkin extender –

  1. Login & Reset Belkin extender Using Belkin range Console  (Soft Or Console Reset)
  2. Hard Reset Using the Reset Key at the back  ( Hard Reset)

Please Take 2 Minutes to Read This Post till last & We Can Assure You that You will Find the Solution You Were Looking For –

Note – Soft Reset Will Only Work if you are already connected to Belkin Extender Regardless of Wireless Or Wired Way.

Web Console Reset Belkin Extender

if you are already connected to Belkin Extender using Wireless then Login to the Belkin Range extender Using the default Belkin Extender Gateway ” Belkin.range” and Reset the Settings. Let Us Show You How It’s Done-

First Step –  Connect the Belkin extender With a Computer With the Help of an Ethernet cable Or Use a Wireless Device Such as Smartphone Or Tablet to Connect With the extender network

hard reset belkin range extender

Step 2 – Open Any Full Browser From Your Computer Such as Internet Explorer Or Chrome & Type https://belkin.range in the address bar of your browser and access Belkin extender Console 

type belkin range

Step 3 – Once Logged in you can Go Under Utilities and click on  Restore Factory Defaults. From here you can reset all the settings of your extender back to Factory Defaults 

restore default in belkin

Step 4 – Restart your Belkin extender and Router and it’s Ready like a Brand new range extender waiting to be configured. Please, Setup Belkin extender Only using the recommended settings to Avoid further Trouble.

in Case if this method did not Work for You then We might have to take the last option. Next Steps will also help you in case you were not connected to the Belkin extender in the First Place.

Hard Reset Belkin extender Settings

Now using the reset key to Restore the default settings of the Belkin extender is Easy but You Will have to use the Right method to Perform the steps Otherwise it may cause the hardware failure to your extender –

Step 1 – Plug the Range extender to the Power Source and Turn it on.

Step 2-  Find any tiny Object such as a paper clip Or Pen. Be advised to use the Object Gently While pressing the Reset key.

Step 3 –  Look at the back or bottom of your Belkin extender device for a Reset Key Or Hole.

hard reset belkin range extender

Step 4 – Press the reset key Using the Pen or Paperclip And Keep Holding it For 10-20 sec When you see all lights flashing on the range extender then let the reset Key go.

Step 5- Restart Extender, Router Along With modem and then Reconfigure the Belkin Range Extender. 

We Sincerely Hope all these Tips Help You Get Rid of your Belkin extender Problems. However, if you have any further Troubles With your Extender Please Do Share via Your Comments Below. We Are Committed to Helping you Out Regardless of your technical issues.

Few Tips to Keep Range Extender Healthy

  1. Please Turn Off Or Restart your Extender For 5 To 10 Minutes Every Week.
  2. Keep the Firmware updated on your Extender For Better Security, Performance, and Connectivity. Log into the Belkin extender Web console To check out the Latest Firmware for Your Range Extender.
  3. Keep the extender at a Dry Plance and Please Don’t Interrupt The Extender antenna Just For Fun.

We Extend Our Gratitude For Your Time and Effort to Improve Our Site and Make the Technology Work For everyone.

Thanks, And Wish you all the best.

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