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How to Contact Linksys Customer Support | Linksys Support

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2020)

Linksys is an U.S.A based company selling a vast variety of various networking hardware products, which first started selling mainly to the home users and smart small businesses. Over the period, Linksys acquired many milestones and became a global selling company when Microsoft released its Windows 95 with built-in networking functions, which expanded the market for Linksys products.

Linksys developed a wide range of products such as Routers, Modems, USB wireless, Powerline Network adapter, Network-attached storage, Network Media hub, VOIP. This company hired over 700+ staff members and then arranged a productive staff to handle customer care support to ease the installation queries of its users.

The company gained more users because of its trusted customer care support. However, some of its users faced some problems regarding customer care support. So in this post, we are going to provide you all the information on How to contact the customer care support of Linksys.

Methods to Contact Linksys Customer Service

One of the best guiding principles of Linksys customer care support is to provide the best quality services to their customers and ensure that they receive all the prompt attention. Some of the Linksys Products related issues Can be Fixed by You for Example Linksys range Setup . this post alone will help you if you have trouble with range extender.

linksys customer service Methods

The following are ways to contact customer care support.

Call the customer care number

You can call the customer care number – 800-326-7114 and provide them with the necessary details to fix your problem.
You can also visit their customer care website and check the “ Get Started ” option before you make the call. Doing this will reserve your call for priority services.

Engaging in LIVE CHAT session with the support care

You can visit the Linksys support care website and click on the “START LIVE CHAT” option.
On clicking the option, you will be provided with two options :

  1. Help with – In this function, you are likely to have Linksys website query or want to learn about Linksys store promotion.
  2. Tech support – This function provides help with issues regarding their house products and learn how to maximize the potential of their Linksys products.

Click on either of the options to obtain the necessary support.

Using Twitter to get Linksys Support

You can use the Linksys Contact Support to get the twitter handle of the Linksys customer care support. For your convenience, we have already provided all the necessary details below.
As you acquire Linksys twitter handle, you can tweet your queries anytime, and the support staff would be happy to help you.

Use community forums to ask questions and share answers.

Linksys has a wide variety of various community forums which are proven to be helpful for most of its users. Using the forums would allow you to get more information about the products. Also, when you post queries, you get answers by trusted customers and employees. These Linksys forums are genuine and provide exact amounts of details regarding your problems. Joining these forums will undoubtedly be beneficial as they are proven to be the best place where you can meet other Linksys fans and ask questions about your problem.

linksys community

NOTE:- These are the necessary information that you will be required to achieve success in contacting customer care support of Linksys.

Link to customer care support website of Linksys- LINK
Tweet them on – @LinksysCares
Forums community link- Link To Forums


Linksys support care return timings are rather amusing on regular days. But, due to the ongoing situations, the company is facing the effects of COVID19. Moreover, they are trying to navigate through these unprecedented scenarios to the best of their ability. Due to the scene around the globe, they are allowed only a limited number of agents into the company.

This has rather affected the company as more and more people are shifting towards work from home. The company advises to keep calm and wait for their callback as they are trying to provide all the possible help at this point. The wait time of the support care staff is increased to around an hour.
The company has provided various guidelines to get the benefits of their support care system.

If you have an internet connection, do visit “LINK” or log on to their online community to get help from agents who are always ready to assist.
If you choose to call the support hotline, do select the option of callback as they a much higher call volume than regular days.

Following the company guidelines will help you ensure that your problems are taken care of as soon as possible.

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