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How to Contact Belkin Customer Service | Belkin Support

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2021)

Hello everyone,

Do You have a problem with your Belkin Product? are you looking for Belkin Customer Support to Help you Troubleshoot your Belkin device? No Issues, We are going to Help you get the Belkin tech support in the easiest way possible.

Knowing Pro & Cons of any customer service will keep you Get prepared to get hassle-free Customer service. let us brief you a bit about Belkin Inc. & Belkin Support.

You can get help regarding Belkin Router Setup & Belkin extender setup in our existing Guides.

All right, Can We Just Say Belkin does make the Most exciting products among all wireless router manufacturer companies?  

Belkin makes Wireless Charger, Power backup, Computer accessories, Phone accessories, Security Camera, Networking Devices (Router, Switch, Range Extenders, etc. ), Keyboard & Car accessories + Much More Products.

Belkin and Linksys both are merged and managed by Foxconn inc for past many years now

Let’s Be back to the point Where you Need support with your Belkin Product. Please Read till last to Get the Full Information on Belkin customer service-

Disclaimer – We are providing all this information based on Research done by Our Team. all these Images, Numbers, and Emails are there to help you find the right support you need. we do not take any responsibility for any action you may take based on the information we provide.

How to Contact Belkin Support

We have No doubt saying that it’s Quite Easy for you to get in touch with Belkin Helpdesk without Any trouble.  there are 5 ways You can get  Belkin Customer Support –

Belkin Phone Support,  Belkin Live Chat Support, Online Community For Belkin users, Twitter and Facebook, Self Help & Knowledge Base

Tips- We Highly Recommend you register your product with the Offical Belkin website right after you buy the product. that helps you redeem warranty and Extra customer service.

Let us explain one by one How you Should Obtain Each service in the Easiest Way. if belkin router has orange light then Get it fixed by troubleshooting.

Belkin Phone Support

Getting Belkin Assistance by Phone is Quite Easy Just Dial the Number. Keep in mind that You need to Call according to Your location in order to reach the right department. Please Find Below the Tollfree No. Your country –

For the United States & Canada, You Can  Call Tollfree – 1-800-223-5546  if your Belkin product is out of warranty then you Can Contact Belkin Premium Support at 1-877-318-6620.

belkin support

Working Hours -are 24 Hours all days of the week however For all other Countries it’s Not the same Nor support Around the Globe is 24/7. For any Other Country Please Refer to

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Belkin Online Community

On the Official Belkin website, there are thousands of Guides, Videos, and Examples to Help You understand the problem you might have with your Product.

one more thing if you are having any trouble with any of your Belkin product Than its quite possible That Few other People had this issue in past.

Let’s see How Others have solved their Belkin Problem. Please Go to the Belkin community and ask the question in the Related Device Section. A huge number of Belkin experts are there along with Great experience with Belkin troubleshooting.


Go to Belkin Community

We are quite sure this will be very helpful Regarding Your query

Belkin Chat Support

For any reason, if you don’t feel like Dialing Belkin Phone support then you might wanna consider initiating Belkin chat support. Its Quick & Simple Just Follow the Link 

Go to The Support and Click on the Live Chat Section & You will be connected to Belkin Customer Representative Directly.


Contact Belkin On Social Media

as a Leading Tech giant Belkin has become more open and Social using social media platforms Like Facebook, Twitter. On these Platforms, they almost respond immediately.

Contact Belkin Facebook page at

Contact Belkin on Twitter at


We hope all this information helps you fix your Belkin wireless router. for any other help Or Suggestion Please comment below and let us know how we could help you More with this.

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