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Today in this post we will explain, How you can fix problems with your Belkin wireless router especially when you are getting Orange or amber light on your Belkin router.there can be many incidents Or reasons behind you getting the orange light on Belkin router Such as-

  • The modem is Turned Off Or Cable from modem to router is not connected Properly.
  • The router is Not connected to Modem Or Modem is not getting the internet from the backend(I.S.P)
  • Internet connection is too slow to be operated Or Ip conflict between router and Modem

Cases, we have seen the Major firmware update can also cause the trouble to the router and this orange light signal can be there so let’s start Troubleshooting the problem for you. Please use these steps carefully and try not to jump on the reset part directly.

Troubleshooting Belkin Router Orange Light

Step 1- Unplug the Power Cable from modem & Router for 20 sec and then plug them back.
belkin router ckt
Step 2 – At First Start With a normal power cycle (Restart your Modem & wait for 10 sec than restarting the Belkin router as well)

Step 3- Using your laptop or desktop try to login Belkin router Console and check for the latest updates.
belkin console

after these steps, if you don’t see the internet connection on your Belkin router than you must perform a hard reset on your Belkin router.

Hard Reset Belkin router –

One can always contact Belkin Support Or Isp before performing this step just to confirm whether you are getting internet from backend or Not.

Tip – While performing the hard reset on Belkin router make Sure the router is power on.

  1. Look at the back of your Belkin router & Locate the reset Key on the back or bottom of your Belkin router.

belkin router reset button

  1. use a pen or paper clip to press and hold the reset key for at least 20 seconds

Reset belkin router with pin

  1. when you see all light on your Belkin router flashing then let go of reset key

Restart the router & Modem than Setup Belkin router like a new Router to your Modem.

Some More Helpful Guides to  Fix Belkin Router Yellow Or Orange Light

We Hope this information helps you understand and Fix orange light on the Belkin router. Please Let us know if this information helps you Or Comment if you have something to add up.

In Case of IP Conflict between your devices, we strongly recommend you to contact Belkin customer service Or isp (Internet Service Provider)

We extend our gratitude and thank you for taking the time to read at WRE( Wireless Router Expert)

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