Arris sbg8300 Complete Reviews & Know-How

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In today’s life, networking devices are so much important, and we have so many options in the market to use. There are lots of good brands in the market like – Netgear, Arris, TP-Link, D-link, etc. and they offer different networking devices in different price ranges. Arris is one of the most popular among them, and Arris sbg8300 (SURFboard) is one of the best value for money networking devices in today‚Äôs market.

Arris sbg8300 is a modem that comes with a little high price but as per the reviews from the customers, its definitely a value for money product. It’s a decent looking compact device that we can use for office as well as home purposes. In this article, we are going to discuss the features and uncut details of the product. We hope this will help you if you are planning to buy one

Key Features

Arris sbg8300 is an external networking device (modem) which comes with wired and wireless both connectivity options. We elaborate on the key features on different points. Here we go.

Modem –

Arris sbg8300 an external modem with wireless and wired connectivity depends on the model. It’s a cable modem and uses Gigabit ethernet as the bus. It comes with black color and WPA, AES, WPA2 security support. With a power Broadcom BCM3390 chipset within it can reach 950mbps of uploading speed and almost 10gbps of downloading speed. It has 3gb of RAM and spectrum analyzer, which makes it a victor within its competitors in the market. it’s easy to login & setup arris router with an internet connection


Its data link protocol is compatible with Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802.11n, IEEE802.11ac wave2. It is a device with extraordinary energy-saving capacity while using the ethernet. It also has IPv6 support and auto uplink as key features. 

Device description and environmental parameters-

While running the device, the operating temperature can be between 32*F (min) to 122*F (max). It holds a good humidity range of 5-85%. The width of the device is 2.9in, depth is 8.1in, 9.3in of height, and its weight is 31.04oz. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac and other pcs as well.

The device Arris sbg8300 or Arris SURFboard comes with one year of warranty from the manufacturer. You can buy this product at a price of around $250 in different online shopping sites or in the offline market as well.

Now after covering the key features and basic details of the device we are putting a brief review of the device and some pros and cons which will help you to get a clear and strong idea about the buy. We hope this will help.

Arris sbg8300 Reviews

Though many popular brands in the market manufacture networking devices but Arris is one of the most popular and trusted brands for years. This brand satisfies its customers and takes the product quality to a different level regarding the price range.  

Arris sbg8300 is one of the best networking devices to date from Arris. In a word, it is the best value for money modem in today’s market. It sets the best standard when it comes to speed and energy efficiency with a decent look that can suit your office space as well as your home desk setup. Generally, the wired connection from Arris sbg8300 can reach 950mbps of surfing speed, and the wireless connection can reach around 560mbps (though it often depends on the internet network provided from your Broadband company). 

Arris sbg8300 comes with a Manager app that is compatible with Windows, Mac, android and IOS platforms just like the other manager apps provided from the other brands. This app and the user manual make it easy to use, maintain and update the device in need. 

People will say this is a little high range regarding the other networking devices in the market from other brands, but honestly, it’s a value for money when it comes to speed, durability, build quality, looks, and energy efficiency. 

As per customer reviews, there are no heating issues while using the device for hours where other devices from the market heat like volcanos.

We hope this article helps you to get an idea of the device Arris sbg8300. For more details, you can visit their official website. Thank you.

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